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LES NGUYEN's story


During her studies at L’ISAA, Hân NGUYEN presented some ” mini collection “. this collection met a real success. Full of will and ambition, she continued to realize her collections, participated in some private sales, shows … Quite naturally, at the beginning of 2006, the brand LES NGUYEN appeared.
Hân grew up its presence during shows, private sales … She decided to present her collection “Fall-winter 2006/07″ during the private sales “des filles en aiguille”.
Customers were for the meeting, the collection had a real success. This event made, to Hân, her real capacities of creations become aware.
It is at this moment, that Hân and Pierre decided on to unite their efforts in the creation of a company allowing to distribute the creations LES NGUYEN.
The name chosen to represent the creations of Hân comes from the encouragement, support, advice from her two sisters, who largely helped her in the project. She wanted their to honour by naming her brand LES NGUYEN
The logo represents above all, the initials of the brand. But by looking at it closer we find the first letters of the first names of every member of the family NGUYEN there.



LES NGUYEN is the fruit of a strong and full of life personality. A concentrate of creativity and determination.

Hân, the youngest of three sisters, grew up in Hanoï. She evolved in a traditional society, distinguishing herself by her rebellious spirit. Very differently from other Vietnamese little girls. Needing to express herself, she would draw dresses anywhere she fancied it. The walls of her neighbourhood were no exception to her creativity! Her two sisters created dresses from Hân’s drawings. Her ambition has certainly not altered over the years! She studied applied arts during two years at Hanoï University, and then decided to study fashion design in France. After a few years of studying she created her own brand. Quickly, she expanded it with the creation of jewellery and accessories. Her first shop opened in 2008.