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Les Nguyen


A mix of different kind of style

Using fitted waste lines, attractive necklines and enhanced halternecks, LES NGUYEN mixes in past and present in a refined way, for a powerful retro-chic style. 100% made in France. LES NGUYEN’s creations are limited editions, made in french workshops which take particular care in the making of each item.

Where colours and poetry meet

Flowers, bows, butterflies, liberty print, flared dresses, petticoats. Such is LES NGUYEN’s universe. Or rather some ingredients that make a really feminine style. Romantic and dreamy? Deeply. Gloom is not part of our vocabulary. LES NGUYEN approaches the world with an indestructible optimism. Wilfully naive. Geometric patterns arise, along with curves or figurative designs. Freezing, moving, disappearing; the better to reappear.

Colours shine with an elegant audacity, soften, become electric. By turning its back to the current celebration of dark colours, LES NGUYEN opens the way to a colourful and poetic world. Where the woman is a princess. Princess maybe, but modern.

A woman who knows what she wants, powerful, tasteful and chic. As an answer to its own requirement, LES NGUYEN undeniably promotes the alliance of comfort and elegance. To each occasion its own style! LES NGUYEN enjoys playing on contrasts. With a shoulder strap - twisted or not, a back-to-front style, a high or low waisted belt, a look can hide another. To be beautiful day and night. Easily.


A different way to present our collection

LES NGUYEN, wants to reinstate a certain value to clothing, offering it a different use, more qualitative, more responsible.
We create two collections every year, and we really do not want to follow the “fast-fashion” rhythm. We feel quite confident that today’s consumption
standards will be made old-fashioned by different consumers’ needs.That is why we made the choice of a high quality production, 100% made in France.
The two collections are fully part of the “slow wear” concept. It is topped up by new articles all year round.
Thanks to our strategy of focusing on creation and originality, LES NGUYEN is committing itself to renew items by limiting quantities and using different fabrics.