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SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a method of securing transactions via the Internet. The standard SSL was developed by Netscape in collaboration with Mastercard, Bank of America, MCI and Silicon Graphics. It is based on a process of public key cryptography to ensure the security of data transmission over the internet. Its principle is to establish a secure communication channel (encrypted) between two machines (client and server) after a step of authentication .

The system is independent of the SSL protocol , which means it can both secure Web transactions made by the HTTP protocol as connections via FTP , POP or IMAP . Indeed, SSL is such an additional layer to ensure the security of data between the layer Application layer and Transport ( TCP , for example).

In this way, SSL is transparent to the user (read: it can ignore it uses SSL). For example, a user using a web browser to connect to a secure ecommerce site with SSL send encrypted data without any manipulation necessary on his part.
Almost all browsers now support SSL. Example Netscape Navigator displays a locked padlock to indicate the connection to a secure site using SSL and an open padlock otherwise, while Microsoft Internet Explorer displays a padlock only when connection to a secure site using SSL.

in Internet Explorer Mozilla
visualization  a secure connection using SSL in Internet Explorer visualization  a secure connection using SSL in Mozilla

A secure web server using SSL has a URL starting with https://, where the "s" obviously means secured (secured).

Our secure payment - Using Visa / Mastercard / Paypal

Our website has a secure payment platform by our partner, Banque Populaire. More Cyber payment with 3D SECURE and you have the assurance of working with a dealer who is authorized by Banque Populaire to make secure transactions over the internet. At the end of each payment you will receive a ticket payment More Cyber-mail with all the usual information a credit card payment.

Please note that credit cards accepted are those with CB: VISA, MASTERCARD AND EUROCARD. Our site receives no information about your credit card. Your details are automatically encrypted and can not be intercepted.

Since October 2008, banks and online retailers have begun to adopt the system 3DSecure for Internet payments.
3D SECURE is called "Verified by Visa" for Visa and "SecureCode" at Mastercard.
3D SECURE can better protect yourself against fraudulent use of your credit card when making a purchase on the Internet.

This security is evidenced by the presence of one of the two following logos on the merchant's website:

What is the benefit for you?
A PIN known only to you will be sent by your bank. This ensures that you are the real owner of the card used for payment in progress.
This dramatically reduces the risk of fraudulent use of your card. So, if your bank account details were stolen or captured in any way whatsoever, they could be used without knowing the passcode.

What is this code?
According to the banks, this code was attributed directly or you will be asked to define your first payment by credit card on the Internet (depending on the policy of the bank and the card type). According to the bank, this code may be permanent, or can be sent by SMS to each payment over the Internet. Once you have entered this code, the transaction will be validated.
If you do not have this code, please contact your bank.

Concretely, what does this mean for you?
You make your payment by credit card as usual: you enter your credit card No., expiration date thereof and the cryptogram (last 3 digits on the back of your card.) You will be redirected to the site Your bank will ask you to enter the PIN authentication. Once the information provided, you return to the merchant's site that will confirm the payment.

This service is completely free of charge for you.